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Name: Adaway App
Version: v3.3
Size: 5.92 MB
Platform: Android
Requirement: Android 4.1 or newer with Root access

Block Android Advertisements

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Adaway Host files

Adaway is a open source ad blocker that blocks ads using a host file. Adway come with default host files. If you like to examine them and try new host files click below link.

Unofficial Host Sources

There are lots of host sources added by others. These host sources are not officially supported. If you are interested you can try them.

Advantages of Adaway App

  1. Get rid of annoying ads
  2. As you know there are lots of ads keep popups every time you use app or game. Those ads very disruptive and annoying. you can remove them for free.
  3. Reduces data consumptions
  4. Ads contain multimedia content like videos and images. When they are not loading amount of data used for ads reduced.
  5. Blocks all advertisements, malwares, sharewares, spams, scams, statistics, trackers on both web browsing and applications
  6. Not only ads. You can block malwares, sharewares, spams, scams, statistics, trackers too. By doing that you can increase security of your Android device.
  7. Reduces page loading times
  8. Loading page with ads and without ads have significant increase of page loading time.
  9. Increases privacy
  10. Since no one can track you, it will increase privacy.

Problematic Apps

After installing Adaway some apps does not work correctly. Click below link to find those apps and see how to fix them with ease.

Fix problematic apps

Log DNS records using Adaway

How to Log DNS Requests using Adaway

Log DNS Requests

Adaway Previous Versions:

Version: Download
v3.2 Download adaway 3.2 apk