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As you search throughout out the Google play store you may not find any perfect or working ad block app for Android. Because google has removed all ad blocking apps from Google play store. At that time Adaway was the most high ranking and most popular as well as most downloaded ad blocker app for Android. Don’t worry you can still download this app from our official website for free and use it as before.

Adaway Android

Adaway is a great tool for root users manage host file entries. Using this app or host file entries you can block unwanted ads appear on your Android phone. I mean not just blocking ads from apps or games or tools. You can block ads appear on internet too. So there are no ads on any where when you use your Android device. How this is possible.

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Adaway Android does not directly remove ads from apps or games. It just redirect ad request made by apps or games to localhost. So when web website or app made request to get ad it will return nothing. So there is no ad to display.

Adaway Uses

This app is most popular among Android users is that it allows us to use internet or do whatever on your owned Android phone as yours.

  • This app block unwanted popups appear when surfing internet or using any android app.
  • You can remove only listed ads and can white list ads you want to appear. There by you can remove only annoying ads. Because some time ads may require to be appear. Because it is the best way to know about seasonal offers, sales and etc.
  • No video ads when playing a video. So no need to wait till that video ad end. You can watch that video or film without any interrupts.
  • It is good to remove ads from free Android apps and games that have lots of ads on them.

Download Adaway Apk

Download Adaway Apk

adaway apk


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