AppFlix LiveFlix AnimeDroid and Cinema HD Premium version for free

This is not giving the cracked or modified version of the original app. You can install original version of any app with Ads and obtain the premium version for free. You have trust that this app is not modified and it is safe to use. So how to do that. Without going so deep lest start.

Apps like AppFlix, LiveFlix, AnimeDroid, Cinema HD comes with ads. Premium version of those apps only removes ads and will not add any more feature. So by buying premium version allows you to remove those annoying ads only. No more additional features. So using Ad blocker app like Adaway you can get rid of those annoying ads. Free and easy.

adaway apk

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AppFlix is a Movies and TV series app developed by IndexOutOfBounds to offer free streaming of all movies and tv series. Using this app you can watch all Movies and Tv series for free. You can even download any movie or tv series you want for free. Contain dub and sub version of foreign movies. You may find Spanish dub or English dub and many other in AppFlix. Download AppFlix Apk for free and enjoy.


LiveFlix is specially designed to watch live TV channel using your Android Phone, TV and Tab for free. This app offers many channels from many countries for free. What ever the country you are you can watch TV channels of foreign countries using your Android TV or phone. This app is completely free and you can have premium version features with adaway. Just block ads that’s all.

Cinema HD

Cinema HD is a great Movies and TV series streaming Android app. It  does not contain broken links like AppFlix. You can stream or download any movie or TV show you like using Cinema HD.


This app is for Anime lovers. Watch Anime Movies, Anime Series for free using AnimeDroid S2. This app is like Cruunchyroll. Offers anime Movies and series i Japan, Korea and other countries for free. Most in sub or dub version. Select it  as you like. Get rid of annoying ads for free using Adaway apk.


AC Market

You may find all you apps and games using AC Market place. AC market app is like Google play store with easing. No need to login and there are no limitations and restrictions. Just download and install any app you like using AC Market app.

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