HedgeCam 2: Advanced Camera App for Android

All most all Android phone camera apps are simple and does not provide advance features like DSLR cameras. There are many free Android camera apps that provide all most all the controls to control your camera as you like. HedgeCam 2 is an Android advance camera app with manual controls.

This camera app provides you with more advanced settings and features than the standard camera app that comes pre-installed. Install HedgeCam 2 on your Android that offers flexible photo and video settings, customizable user interface, advanced selfie mode, control by hardware keys, and much more.

Features of HedgeCam 2

Flexible Settings for Photos and Videos

HedgeCam 2 offers a range of settings for photos and videos that allow you to customize your shots according to your preferences. You can choose from different focus modes, scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO, and exposure compensation. With these settings, you can capture the perfect shot even in challenging lighting conditions.

Customizable User Interface

With HedgeCam 2, you can customize the user interface according to your preferences. You can choose the location of the interface for the right-hander or the left-hander. You can also use widgets that allow you to take a single click to take a photo or start recording a video. These features make it easier for you to access the camera app and capture the perfect shot quickly.

Advanced Selfie Mode

HedgeCam 2 offers an advanced selfie mode that allows you to start shooting by timer, face recognition, or voice commands. This feature is perfect for capturing selfies without the need to hold the device or press any buttons. You can simply set the timer or use your voice to take the perfect selfie.

Control by Hardware Keys

HedgeCam 2 offers separate settings for each hardware key, giving you more control over the camera app. You can assign different functions to different keys, making it easier to capture the perfect shot quickly.

Other Advanced Features

HedgeCam 2 also includes a range of other advanced features that make it a great choice for Android users. The app displays the angle of the device, supports face detection, and offers automatic image alignment based on accelerometer data to ensure that your photos are never overwhelmed by the horizon. The app also supports exposure bracketing mode, HDR and DRO photo modes, and focus bracketing mode.

Support for Camera2 API and RAW Files

HedgeCam 2 supports Camera2 API, which allows you to manually adjust focus distance, ISO, exposure time, white balance temperature, and more. This gives you more control over your shots and allows you to capture high-quality images even in challenging lighting conditions. The app also supports RAW (DNG) files, allowing you to capture and edit photos in their original format.

In Conclusion

HedgeCam 2 is an advanced camera app for Android that offers flexible settings for photos and videos, customizable user interface, advanced selfie mode, control by hardware keys, and much more. If you want simple Android camera app to capture beautiful photos use B612 Camera, YouCam Perfect or Candy camera like apps. Camera apps like B612 apk provide realtime beauty filters, effects and AI editing tools to create beautiful photos and selfies instantly.

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