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Sick and tired of constantly running out of space on your device? Need more space to store all of your images, files, and other media documents at ease? Even though SD cards have been implemented in order to help clear up this mess and provide a solution for the additional need of storage space, the problem still prevails as SD cards have a limit of storage as well.

And with the excess number of applications, we use daily on our smart devices it is impossible to have sufficient storage. You might be using your device to perform all of your chores through numerous applications or even use it to store your media files, and other important documents needed for school or work. How frustrating would it be to constantly run out of space when you need it the most?

So, providing a solution for all those in need, Terabox has now been developed for all android users to use all of the space they need at ease and with no additional hardware needed because it stores all of your back ups on cloud storage! It is absolutely free and easy to use and provides all its users with up to 1024Gb which is more than enough for all of our needs! The features on the app make it super easy to use and also extremely advantageous over any other app you’ve come across!

About Terabox Cloud Storage App

The app allows you to store on the cloud storage easily by backing up all of your data and allowing you easy access to them at anytime you need. The app has proven to store over 3 million photos, over 2500 videos, and even over 6.5 million pages of documents which is absolutely mind blowing! You can also protect all of your data and prevent them from being stolen or accessed by any unauthorised personnel’s.

You can back up your data, sync them, and even share them whenever needed super safely. By synchronizing your data, you can access them from any device from anywhere around the world at your convenience. You can also preview all of the images you upload onto the cloud and playback videos as you need.

Make folders and store them in an organised manner so that accessing them would be easy and convenient to you as well. Sign up to Terabox and enjoy all of the space it provides you with to super safely store all of your data and documents. It also comprises of the automatic backup feature and allows you to archive your files when you need. This way you can have additional safety to all your documents as needed. searching all of the documents are easy as ever now as you can simply search for the name or keyword and place it conveniently!

Terabox is developed using AI technology and has so much in store for all its users. So, hurry and do not miss out on having all of the storage you need for safe backup!

Most people tend to use cloud storage, when their phone storage is low. Most of the time phone storage is filled with unwanted files and junks. You can clean your storage using Android cleaner like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, CCleaner or AVG Cleaner. Cleaners like Clean Master app can remove all the junks, old backup files, residuals from uninstalled apps and more quickly.

Download Terabox apk

Using Play Store is the best and easiest way to install this app. But there are plenty of Android phones without play store services. They can use play store alternatives like Aptoide, AC Market or Happymod. Here you can use Happymod apk or AC Market apk. Both provide this app for free.

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