The Holy Tales Bible Stories App

The Holy Tales – Bible Stories app brings the tales from the holy book to life through captivating animated narratives. The app covers a range of stories from the Bible, including the grand stories of the garden of Eden, the Flood, the life of Jesus Christ, the tale of creation and many more. These stories are presented in a way that makes them come alive, helping users better understand the teachings of the holy book. The app also has an extensive collection of Bible verses that will help you learn more about God and His plan for mankind as given in the Bible. No need to use your computer or phone to install this app. Now support all Android TV boxes and Fire TV devices.

The Holy Tales – Bible Stories app is one the best tools anyone can use to teach their children about God’s love and salvation, as well as important life lessons found in the scriptures. The stories narrated by the Grand Old Holy are very informative, but most importantly they’re fun to learn! Children will enjoy watching how each story comes to life through animation, music and sound effects which will provide them with the best environment to learn about God and the Bible. The app is filled with colorful graphics and interactive elements that keep children constantly engaged as they explore the different stories included in the application.

About Holy Tales Fire TV app

The Holy Tales – Bible Stories app contains over 100 Bible Stories narrated by the Grand Old Holy, 3D animated characters, fun interactive games for kids, beautiful graphic design and artwork and best of all no further in-app purchases and no advertisements.

The methodical layout of the animated tales adds to its user-friendly interface and the clear animation and graphics makes learning about Holy Bible stories much more fun for its user. The Holy Tales Bible Stories App provides insightful knowledge and appeals to the creative thinking and imaginative abilities of the child and sparks curiosity regarding holy tales mentioned in the bible which is the ultimate goal of this application. This application has put forward a new way of introducing the Bible and its teachings to kids and toddlers through interestingly illustrated and easy to understand stories.

One of its users mentioned that “it is a cool way to introduce Jesus to her kids on the level they would truly understand and that her kids approved”. Another such app user stated that “its high quality and engaging and that it is highly recommended for parents etc. who want their children to learn values and morals as Jesus’ itself teaches in the Bible”. This kid-friendly concept is also accessible to adults who are looking to be retouched with their religious roots and for the ones who are curious enough to learn about bible stories and Jesus in a very simple yet effective way.

This Holy Tales – Bible Stories app is available to download freely on the Google Play store and the Apple App store. This app has achieved a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 and has surpassed more than ten thousand downloads from all over the world.

Download The Holy Tales Bible App for Fire TV

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